The creation of nowhere city in George Orwel's 1984 on Haruki Murakami's 1Q84

Collection Location Perpustakaan FAH UIN Alauddin, Gowa
Call Number BSI 2018 MUH t
Author(s) Muhammad Naufal Mahdi
Classification BSI 2018
Series Title
GMD Skripsi
Language English
Publisher Fak. Adab & Humaniora UIN Alauddin
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Makassar
Collation ix, 54 hlm.: 21cm.
Abstract/Notes This research was about nowhere city in Orwell's 1984 and Murakami's 1Q84. The existence of the nowhere city picture of the two novels makes this research tried to describe about the relationship between 1984 and 1084 in terms of creating the City now on the story. This Research applied the theory of nowhere city from Upstone’s theory about nowhere city occurred due to the utopia and dystopia conditions. This research also applied reception analysis by Iser which used to describe the extent of the Creation of nowhere city in 1Q84 in conjunction with 1984. The data revealed that The creation of nowhere city in Orwell was built on two aspects. The first was the utopia aspect and the second was dystopia which happened because of the utopia aspect formed by Big Brother and his party that caused the existing space to be dominated by them. As a result, there was a condition of dystopia a result of the domination of space carried out by Big Brother. and his party, so that nowhere city could not be avoided. In addition, the findings of this study were the relationship between the creation of nowhere city in 1Q84 with 1984. The relationship was seen from the nowhere City narrative that existed in 1Q84 was tormed based on nowhere city in 1984 Utopia Ana dystopia conditions also underlined the creation of nowhere city in 1Q84. However nowhere city in 1Q84 did not start from the utopia aspect, but rather a condition of dystopia.
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